Furniture and wooden objects

‘Two little birds’

is an indoor playhouse for kids of preschool and early school age. It is made from birch plywood and water hyacinth rope.


‘Two little birds’ is a room inside a room – a space where kids can create their own realm in the same room where their parents hang out. My experience as a parent shows me that kids up to a certain age love spending time in the same place as grown ups: intimacy of their own room is not such an attractive option yet. However, while the kids drag the whole repertoire of their toys to a common living room, it soon turns into a mess. ‘Two little birds’ allows for a happy balance between different desires inside a family!


‘Two little birds’ offers shelves to store the toys, a bench to sit on, and a different perspective on the room – a heightened cubicle that because of that feels more isolated and ‘special’. At the same time, it has the potential for kids’ imagination as ample as a common cardboard box: it can be a boat, a house, a treehouse, a castle, or a hen house. Parents, on the other hand, have an object which is visually more pleasing than the original cardboard box. Water hyacinth weaving creates a soft, pleasant feel of the object, while also creating semi-transparent micro ambient.